Feb 17, 2014

How to stop Android apps from spying on me?

Whenever an Android app is installed, you get the butcher’s bill for all the services that you have to allow it to have access to in return for being able to use it. Many times it makes sense - if I am using a messaging app, it obviously needs to have SMS access. But then there are apps like the Brightest Flashlight app that collected location and device identification info and passed it onto advertisers. Is there a way to stop apps like Brightest Flashlight from abusing access to users personal information, short of not installing the app? I have not rooted my current phone, and I don’t want to root and void my warranty.

PDroid Gives You Control Over the Personal Information Your Android Apps Can Access

"PDroid is a free Android utility that allows you to see and block access by apps on your Android phone to your personal data and individually identifying information. The tool shows you which apps have access to information like your phone number, your Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN), SIM serial number, and more, and lets you disable access without breaking the apps in question."

More people should be aware of how broad the permissions they are granting to the apps they install. In lieu of not installing apps that ask for too many permissions, you can also use an app called NoRoot Firewall to prevent apps from having unwanted (from your perspective) access to the internet. I’ll have to read Christopher's review of Snoopwall, it sounds like they might be similar apps.


There's an app called SnoopWall that allows Android users to choose which permissions to allow in any app. Here's a review of SnoopWall that might be helpful.



If you know the Adroid application packet name, it's will be easy, goto program manager and just uninstall it.

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