Feb 14, 2014

How to update Linksys router firmware?

With news of the recent exploit of Linksys routers, I thought it might be a good idea to update my router's firmware. How do I go about doing this?

just open the page using and click on router firmware upgrade you should be good to go
just go the browser and type the Default Gateway Ip ( and type the default user name and password and now you can go in router settings and update the router firmware. it will take some process and your router firmware

download the router firmware from linksys official website and then you need to open your router setup page and then go to advance settings. once you will click on that then you will able to see an option by the name of firmware. simply click on that and then you need to click on upload.
once you will click on upload then your file will be start uploading .
this is easy just go in the computer browser type and type the default user name and password and now you can go in router settings and update the router firmware.
4 Easy Steps To Upgrade Linksys Wireless Router Firmware

"If you own a Linksys Wireless router, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade the firmware to a latest version, which may resolve lot of bugs including random dropping of wireless connections. This article explains how to upgrade to the latest firmware on your Linksys wireless router.

Also, make sure you’ve secured your wireless as mentioned in 6 Steps to Secure Your Home Wireless Network"

You didn’t mention which model of Linksys router you are using. It may update automatically. To find the specific method to manually update firmware for your router, go to the Linksys support website, then find your model of router. Click the “FAQs” tab near the top of the page for that router, which will, obviously, take you to FAQs. Once there look for the “Advanced Configuration and Troubleshooting” heading, and you should see a topic “How to manually update firmware…”. Click that and it will take you to an article that guides you through the exact process for your router. In general there are two steps; You will need to (1) download the latest firmware, then (2) upload it to your router through the local router interface or Linksys Smart WiFi account.

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