Feb 12, 2014

Can my laptop be monitored by a friend?

My laptop does strange things at times, and I think someone is getting on it remotely. For instance, I tried to close my “Configfree” internet monitor and it was being used by someone, and it wouldn't allow me to access, and I am the administrator.
Be sure you are running anti-malware/virus software. Make sure your system has been updated with all security patches, etc. That's probably your best bet to make sure nobody is messing with your system.

First off, I’m not so sure you should use the term “friend” if they actually are spying on you. Apart from that, it is possible that you are being remotely monitored. On the other hand, malware/spyware that has nothing to do with this person could potentially be responsible for the issue you describe. I would be concerned about this, certainly. Here are some tips to help you determine whether you are being spied on and some steps to take to mitigate the risk.  



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