Feb 08, 2014

How to print with a Chromebook?

I have been looking at Chomebooks for a while, and when I mentioned it to someone at my office they told me to be aware that you can’t print with Chromebooks like you can with a laptop, but she didn’t know the particulars of why. Is she right? Is printing with a Chomebook really more difficult that it is with, say, a Windows laptop? What will I need to do to print with a Chromebook?

If you own an HP printer, there is an app on the Chrome Web Store that allows you to print directly to the printer, either wirelessly or via USB, without the need for Google Cloud Print.

For more information, visit http://chromebooks.support/how-to-print-from-your-chromebook-introduction/
Connect your printer to Google Cloud Print

"In order to print using the Google Cloud Print service, first connect your printer to the service. Google Cloud Print can print to either a Cloud Ready printer that can connect directly to the Internet or a classic printer that is plugged into a Windows or Mac computer with Internet access. If you are using a Chromebook and you attempt to print, you will be prompted to set up Google Cloud Print to connect a printer."


To follow up on what Phil Johnson already said, I think the way printing works with Chromebooks is a major drawback. If you do have a Google Cloud Print printer (which I don’t) it’s fine. If you don’t the need to go through another computer is a clunky solution that prevents a Chomebook from being a go-to “laptop” for many people. I’m not sure what the reason is behind a design that doesn’t even allow Chromebooks to just connect via USB to a standard printer, but until Google Cloud Print is ubiquitous, it is perhaps the main drawback of Chromebooks.


Depending on your setup at home, printing from a Chromebook can be more of a pain, as I recently found out.


If you have a printer that supports Google Cloud Print, then you'll be able to print directly from your Chromebook to that.


If don't have that but you do have a printer connected to another computer on your network, you can set that up as a Google Cloud Printer and access it from your Chromebook.


Here's an article that walks you through these two options: http://blog.laptopmag.com/how-to-set-up-google-print-on-your-chromebook

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