Feb 07, 2014

Top tools for managing real-time data streams

Who's using a tool they like for managing their content streams?  I'd also like a list of the top ones I should look at (or any newcomers to the market).  For example, I just came across "spundge" . Are they even a player? And what other tools are in this category (basically, I wan to experiment with the top ones.) 

This article has a list you might find useful.


"A Data stream management system (DSMS) is a computer program to manage continuous data streams. It is similar to a database management system (DBMS), which is, however, designed for static data in conventional databases. A DSMS also offers a flexible query processing so that the information need can be expressed using queries. However, in contrast to a DBMS, a DSMS executes a continuous query that is not only performed once, but is permanently installed. Therefore, the query is continuously executed until it is explicitly uninstalled. Since most DSMS are data-driven, a continuous query produces new results as long as new data arrive at the system. This basic concept is similar to Complex event processing so that both technologies are partially coalescing."

Hmm, well, your question kind of asks about two different things - Real Time Data Management, which is applicable when a huge amount of data is coming in a constant stream from, for example, industrial processes, and Spundge which is a real time content (RSS, blogs, etc.) aggregator. Spundge has been self-described as a “terminal for journalists.” I only know of Spundge secondhand, I haven’t personally used it, but from what I’ve heard and read it can be useful for writers and bloggers. Think of it as an alternative to Google Reader more than anything else, and if you are looking for Spundge alternatives, it would probably include Digg, Feedly and The Old Reader. 


Here is an overview of Spundge, which goes into more detail.    

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