Feb 05, 2014

Does Skype for XBox One allow multitasking?

When you are using the XBox One for a game/movie/etc. and you get a call over Skype, does it support multitasking so that you can continue what you were doing while you take the call, or do you have to stop until the call is over?


Yes, the Xbox One console does support multitasking by using the Snap feature. For example, I am able to use Skype and then Snap it in my playing viode game. Everything works great and here are the tips about How to Snap or unSnap app on Xbox one

Riffin had a good answer to your question. Here's a link to the Skype for XBox One FAQ in case you have other questions.


The XBox One does support multitasking, so you can keep playing or watching movies, youtube, etc. It also has built in zoom and tracking, so the camera can follow you as you move around. It's pretty neat really, the kind of stuff they put in those "vision of the future" film we used to see when I was a kid.

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