Feb 05, 2014

What steps should be taken to ensure data security for copiers?

I did not realize until a week or so ago that many copy machines have an on-board hard drive that stores copies of the documents that are, er, copied. Frankly, I had never considered the potential security threat posed by a mere copy machine. What policies should be in place to help ensure data security with respect to copiers?

The truth about copier hard drives: Tips for securing your data

"After watching the recent CBS News report on the data security risks of office copiers, I decided to learn more about these multi-function peripherals for myself. Here are some tips for securing MFPs in your organization. "
There was actually a 60 Minutes story on this a year or so ago. It’s easy to forget that the business copiers of today are not the same beasts as the ones from 20 years ago, even if most of their functions are the same. That complacency can result in loss of proprietary information, and potentially even in legal exposure (I’m thinking of HIPPA specifically). Some office equipment rental services will wipe the internal HDD on copiers that they rent to businesses, but I wouldn’t risk it. The FTC has a published a short guide to copier data security that give some guidance on this issue.
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