Feb 04, 2014

Fast server hardware warranty check app on mobile.

We are looking for an app on iPhones or android phones that would let me check server hardware warranty quick and easy (free would be the best, I don't mind having a bit Ad in it). I have been trying to get a good one but no luck yet :(

The servers I usually work with are HP, Dell, IBM ones, sometimes Fujitsu and otehrs. Any good suggestion would be most appreciated.

Your best bet might be just going to the manufacturer's site. I'm not sure if you'll be able to find an app that does what you listed.

Maybe I’m just a little slow this morning from watching the Bill Nye vs. Creationism Guy debate last night, but I’m not sure I follow your question. Are you looking for something that alerts you when each individual piece of hardware goes out of warranty? If so, I haven’t personally used a mobile app that covers that, although I have seen applications that are tied to a single manufacturer that allows service techs to check on the warranty status of items that have been registered with that manufacturer. 


It sounds a little like you are looking to promote a new app from InfraDog called Server Warranty that just appeared on Google Play, but maybe I’m wrong. If not, there you go, the app got mentioned. Here is my problem with the app - it is new, and it doesn’t have enough of an instal base for me to be confident whether it is benign or malicious. I NEVER install a just-released app, especially one from an unknown developer, because I have been burned by malware in the past. Nothing goes on a mobile device that has access to my network unless I am confident that it is benign, either through app maturity or it has been audited so that I know exactly what it is doing with network access. 


To be fair, the list of permissions isn’t too bad. It might be fine, it might not. I don’t want to put myself in the role of guinea pig though.


Thanks for your reply, I check the app you mentioned(using iPhone), it works fine on the checking warranty part. I hope to have one that checks warranty -> store the informations -> alerts me when the period is about to end( maybe its too much to ask in a free, a few bulks would be fine to me)

Personally I alrdy got too many things to keep my mind on, just hoping some apps would help to make at least this part easier. I agree with you that its never a bad thing to stay safe.

I appreciate for your help :)

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