Feb 04, 2014

How to determine proper type of memory for my laptop?

I only have 2GB of RAM on my current Compaq laptop, and want to upgrade to 4GB (I have Windows 7, 64-bit). I looked in system settings and couldn’t find it. I don’t want to purchase the wrong thing; how can I determine the correct type of memory to buy?

I'd check the manufacturer's web site to find your exact model. It's better to know exactly what you need before you spend the money on more memory.
www.crucial.com has a tool for finding the proper memory on their landing page. You can buy also it there if you want. I think they are on the expensive side, but they do have a reputation for good quality, so you have to weigh how much you want to spend.

I can't tell you which specific memory hardware to buy, but this detailed guide to buying the right type of RAM should be helpful.

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