Feb 03, 2014

What are the biggest changes expected in Windows 8.1 Update 1?

Microsoft keep making tweaks to Windows 8, after it received decidedly mixed reviews. What is Microsoft likely to change this time around? Is there a release date yet?

Windows 8.1 in detail

"The desktop you're used to—with its familiar folders and icons—is still here. And not just still here, it's actually better than before, with a new task manager and streamlined file management. And you can always get to your desktop—and back to your Start screen again—with a tap or click."

The most noticeable change will be that it will boot to desktop by default. Probably. In addition to some relatively minor tweaks to Outlook, power and search buttons are added to the Start screen, and there is a lot more use of “right clicking” to access menus and interface with applications. It's just an update, so don't expect any radical changes.


Microsoft's update of 8.1 is free for win 8 users.

Talking about the change is start button in 8.1 does the same action when u click on corner of the screen.

it is the change in the desktop view.but actual change occured in metro style with some modular options and tweaks in windows store as well as they resolved bugs that are in win 8.

This tweaks really matters in terms of  processing.I personally faced much faster in boot time in 8.1 when compared to 8

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