Feb 03, 2014

How to resolve 403: Forbidden Access error when installing Wordpress?

I am trying set up a blog that I am self hosting on WordPress.org. I can’t complete installation though because I keep getting a 403: Forbidden Access message. I’m using a Windows 7 desktop. Any ideas what can cause this?


If you are using a reliable web hosting company, they should help you fix any of such issues asap. I recommend been friends with your hosting company just incase you need server or software helps.



Well, I finally figured it out. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. The solution proved to be quite simple.

I had to edit my .htaccess file to allow "index.php" as a valid default index page.

My .htaccess file for the top level of my domain only had this line:
DirectoryIndex index.html

I just had to change it to
DirectoryIndex index.html index.php

And then everything worked."

There is probably an index.htm file in the WordPress installation directory. It is a PHP application, which means the default homepage is index.php. Go into the WordPress installation folder on your web server and delete any index.htm or index.html file that you find.

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