Jan 31, 2014

Should Nintendo start publishing its IPs on mobile platforms?

Nintendo posted yet another annual loss, thanks largely to slow sales of the Wii U system. I’ve read a lot of articles advocating saying that Nintendo should ditch hardware and start publishing it games on mobile devices, something NIntendo has resisted. Like many adults, I grew up with Nintendo, and I want them to be around for a long time. Is Nintendo making the right call on this, or should they release their games on mobile platforms?

Nintendo should have released versions of their older games for iOS and Android years ago. They could do that and easily keep the latest released for their own hardware. That way they'd have the best of both worlds.

Right now they are losing sales to other game companies on Android and iOS. The younger folks are playing games made by other companies, and the Nintendo mascots such as Mario mean almost nothing to them. The older folks who grew up with Nintendo have also checked out games from other companies.

Nintendo has done a very foolish thing by refusing to release older games on mobile devices. It's getting to the point where less and less people care about their games or the company in general.

You couldn't pay me enough to buy a Nintendo game system these days. There are plenty of other gamers to play, who needs Nintendo any more?

Absolutely not, they should stick to their own platforms. Number one, Nintendo get’s the importance of tight controls better than any other company. Excellent controls are one of the things that made Super Mario Bros. great. It eliminates "cheap" deaths, if you miss a jump it's your fault. You simply cannot accomplish the same tightness of control on a touch screen. Aside from that, Nintendo is based on two things - hardware and software. If they start publishing their IPs on other platforms, they lose the rationale for being a hardware manufacturer. With the exception of the Wii U, console sales have been a critical part of the company for many years. I know some people disagree with me, but a smartphone is a poor excuse for a gaming platform; the only type of games that really work well are time wasters and simple flash-style games.

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